Welcome to the Music Factory!

At the Music Factory Recording Studio you can expect top notch technology and equipment:  The control is nothing but the best with the Mackie desk top console fully-automated.  Our new Reaper recording system is tops in the industry and delivers, ultimately, today's quality sound.   Keep in mind that this system delivers a 24 bit depth that maintains 24 bit quality even when reduced to a 16 bit medium. This means quality, quality, quality!

Amek Neave Mic pre's and vintage Neuman, AKG, Senheiser and tube mics produce the golden sounds any project can be proud of.  Out board and effects software are the most up to date and has the capability of producing old and new umbrellas of glistening to your recordings.  Includes vintage TC electronics.

Our precisely tuned rooms are designed to make your recording stand out.  Four completely different tuned areas to accompany any acoustic instrument.  You should hear our drum mixes!  Vocals are out of this world!

Behind the console is an engineer with over 30 years of experience in the field, and a Voting member of the national academy of recording arts and sciences - The Grammy Awards.  We also have some of the finest musicians available if you are in need.  Reasonable prices and the best in quality.  At the Music Factory Recording Studio you can expect the best.  A lot of Magic happens here!