Studio Specifications


  • Mackie desk top console full automated.
  • Hdr24/96 hard drive recording device
  • Tanoy speaker system for room monitoring
  • Amek Neeve Mic Pre's
  • Jbl near field monitors


  • Vintage Neuman, Senheiser, Akg and Tube mics
  • Chop Shop Percussion and sequencing
  • Akai Baby Grand available.
  • A multitude of outboard effects(soft wear) too many to mention. 

I bet we have everything you may desire.
Computer Based programs also available
Vintage guitars available if your hands are clean and you are nice!

Rooms completely tuned, foot thick walls.  West Lake designed contol and studio proper isolation room.  Also a domed room for that super ambient natural big room effect.

You get the idea!  Everything you need to produce a quality "today" sounding (or "yesterday" sounding as you wish) Audio recording of your project.